We intend to move the ladder in healthcare diagnosis. We believe that detection of diseases and illnesses should be at a molecular level thus giving everyone a chance at life.

To get there, we need your help to partner with your hospital. Join us.

Be our Ambassador

Why Be A Meck Healthcare Ambassador?

Your digitisation is on us

We provide hardware (computers, internet facility, e.t.c.) and our proprietary  software to your hospital for free for complete digitisation.

Your contributions count

Medical information is usually too fragmented to be useful. You are the missing link. It makes your experience invaluable.

You will do what you’ve always wanted

You will be saving lives and improving patients outcome.

You will be compensated. Forever

Our compensation plan is solid. We keep paying you up to 10% of the returns we get every month for life.

Who is eligible?

Please read carefully to know if this program is for you.

• You must be a health worker in a private health facility in Nigeria.
• You should have at least 18 months of healthcare practice.
• You have an eye for research.

What you will do!

  • Provide feedback that shape future products based your expertise.
  • Lead research teams by giving oversight based on your domain expertise.
  • You work when you want. 1 – 3 hours monthly.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Will my hospital pay any money?

No, your hospital won’t be required to pay any money both now and in the future due to your participation in the program. However, your hospital is entitled to certain benefits such as free computers, internet facilities, our software to aid your digitisation.

If I leave my current hospital will I still get paid

Yes, you will be paid. If you are affiliated to another hospital, you will be paid from both hospitals.

What exactly will I be doing?

In the design of a modern software, a lot goes into research to ensure the right problem is addressed by the solution (software). Your feedback will guide some of these researches.

About us

Meck Healthcare is a multi award-winning Healthcare digitization technology company, a subsidiary of Meckanzy International LLC (RC 1797939). Our proprietary technology digitizes various aspects of the hospital’s operation such prescriptions, billing and diagnoses to improve efficiency and reduce errors.